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Lose weight, gain life.
I am happy to report I started my 10 day cleanse today for the popular "Advocare" I am hoping to lose weight, and gain some confidence back.
Today I had the fiber drink, and mixed it with the Spark energy drink. It wasn't to tasty, and was the texture of high pulp Orange juice.Def. not the worst flavored drink out there~ I didnt need my snack, or breakfast today.  I am sure this evening will go well for me. Teachers at Central had a cookout, so I had a burger and a dog without the bun, and 16 oz of water.

I like to try to keep ap positive outlook, but sometimes life downright sucks.

Weight gain is so crappy. I could tell when I turned "fat" because I stopped having flirtatious random interactions, people are rude, and do not have a problem telling you weight loss is necessary.
It recently really started to bother me after I had talked to a guy friend of mine, Kyle, and the possiblity of dating. He made it quite clear he was not into "fat" people. I am pretty sure this is the only reason we never decided to move further than friends. ..Even thought we are friends, and he does try to get to home base with me on the regular. Hurty.
Why is it ok to be such good friends, share a bed, potentially share more- but NOT if you have weight on you.
It is heartbreaking to know that people do not want to be with you due to your fat. I am fat, I know this- I do not need to have people telling me where I went wrong, or that I am not working hard enough.
What makes humans so dead set against the heavy people, and to feel as though it is ok to talk down to them?
In example- yesterday I had a softball game, got a hit and went to first. As I am at first- the firstbaseman and the base coach said "don't worry- with legs like that she isn't going far".
Really?!! I am standing right here! It is so very disrespectful and sad. Bullies do not disappear after grade school, generally they turn into mean adults.
I found an article online that most americans "hate" fatties. The article also stated that most fat haters are themselves obsese or overweight. Everyone is self hating so bad, they have to spread it around to others. MIsery does love company.

I hope that I can find more men and women who are genuinely interested in being true friends, and making positive life choices. I suppose the "if you dont have something nice to say- zip it" rule is no longer in effect, but I plan to continue. Only compliment others. Never break someone down.
I never want to be better than anyone, except who i was yesterday.

I will try to keep posting throughout the Advocare 24 day challenge.

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Advocare did not work for me.
Trying Beachbody 21 day challenge next! Gotta keep going until I get it right.

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